Lady Gaga to create “an extremely sexy and arousing smell”

Lady Gaga is certainly not known for doing things in half measures. The Born This Way singer, is reportedly releasing a new fragrance that she describes as being: “An extremely sexy and arousing smell for all genders. Alluring and ready for sex.”

Eau de Gaga apparently has hints of sparkling water, lime and leather and, according to Gaga, is inspired by "the adventurous woman and the man who loves her". So, basically she was inspired by sex – we’re sure it will smell lovely…

Mother Monster released a teaser on Instagram yesterday with a photo of herself surrounded by naked men. She captioned the snap: "Eau De Gaga coming soon"

She also took to Twitter to confirm she would be releasing a second fragrance.

Her first perfume, Fame, sold six million bottles in the first week so her new one has a lot to live up to.