Kylie Jenner’s Twitter was hacked & you WON’T believe what they said


It was a bad night for Kylie Jenner last night as her Twitter account was hacked.

However, the 18-year-old didn't seem to mind that much…

The flurry of tweets had an abundance of colourful language, yet the one that stood out the most to her 16 million followers was: "I love being so famous with no talent." Ouch.

The tweets were deleted nearly as fast as they went up, but that didn't stop eagle eyed fans taking screenshots of them.

Soon after the hack started, Kylie took to a different social media platform, Snapchat, to tell her fans that she didn't really care and that she's going to let the guy have his "fun."

One of the tweets was liked by @lolsw4y, the same user accused of hacking Katy Perry's account earlier this week.