Kylie Jenner’s recent Instagram snap causes a frenzy


A recent Instagram snap shared by Kylie Jenner has caused serious friction amongst her fans.

The photo show a very full-lipped Kylie posing for the camera and has fuelled rumours she has had lip fillers.

Up until now many had speculated that Kylie has had work done, but it seems to be the story on everyone’s lips (sorry) as of late.

Many social media users have been talking about the change in Kylie's appearence. 

There does certainly appear to be a massive difference in Kylie’s pout since she a younger teen, however many of her fans say that the pout is down to some very clever make-up tricks. 

If her new lippy look isn't down to fillers then we NEED to know her technique!

Hopefully Kylie didn’t feel the need to change her face, as she has always been a gorgeous girl but if she feels happier and confident in herself now then that’s ok too!

Let’s just hope she doesn’t change too much, after all she is still only 17!