Kris Jenner threatens Bruce Jenner with defamation lawsuit


It looks like Bruce Jenner’s highly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer is making Kris Jenner very worried.

She is so concerned that Bruce will reveal something about their family as he opens up about his transition that she has actually threatened him with a defamation lawsuit.

A source has told Radar Online: "Kris told Bruce that if he defames her in any way, or their brand, she is going to sue him for everything that he is worth."

She is also demanding to see what has been filmed so far of the documentary.

The realisation of what was actually going on seemed to hit Kris when she saw Bruce with breast implants.

Kourtney Kardashian had recently tried to act as peacemaker between the two, but clearly, this didn't last very long.

However, it appears that Kris doesn’t need to be too worried as a source has claimed: “Bruce would never badmouth Kris because she is the mother of his children and he is appalled that she would ever accuse him of such a thing.”