Kopparberg drops new Hard Seltzer range just in time for summer

For many, a little excitement in the fridge during the current climate wouldn’t go amiss, and with that, Kopparberg is launching an exciting new drink to the Irish market. Kopparberg, the independent fruit cider giant and flavour expert that last year stormed the spirits market with its new range of gin, now injects its phenomenal flavour credentials into Ireland’s latest drinks trend – the Hard Seltzer.

Hard Seltzers have been making headlines in the US for a while now as an alcohol-infused sparkling water, akin to the vodka lime & soda. They are the drink of choice for anyone looking for a lower-calorie alternative to current options, without losing the alcoholic kick.

Kopparberg Hard Seltzer is expertly produced to the same high standard people have come to expect from the Independent Swedish brand, 5% ABV, 93 calories, carb and gluten free, and vegan friendly. The low-calorie count is the result of Kopparberg’s trademarked KopparSpirit, an alcohol base made from fermented fruit that leaves behind no residual sugar – but does pack a punch.

In true Kopparberg style, the new Hard Seltzers, don’t shy away from flavour and there’s zero compromise on taste, with a hit of bold fruit refreshment. Putting any preconceptions of flat liquid and dull, subtle flavours to one side; Kopparberg Hard Seltzer deliver the goods.

Mary Anne Byrne, Head of Alcohol Brands in Richmond Marketing comments: “Kopparberg is here to redefine the Hard Seltzer by putting flavour front and centre. Each can is expertly made with our drinkers in mind, to ensure we give them the refreshing, fruity flavour they’ve come to expect from Kopparberg, whilst delivering all the clean, low-cal promises of a Hard Seltzer. Wherever we are this summer, Kopparberg Hard Seltzer is here to offer up something different, and, true to our brand values, there is no subtlety and absolutely no compromise on taste."

Kopparberg Hard Seltzers are available across Tesco and will be available in coming weeks in BWG, Molloys & Next door off-licences.