Kim Kardashian’s latest hobby is TOTALLY bizarre!


As a multi-millionaire, Kim Kardashian can do just about whatever she pleases in her free time, but we have to admit we were a little baffled by her most recent choice of hobby.

The reality star is currently taking classical piano lessons from ultra-famous pianist Oksana Kolesnikova.

A far cry from waist training or sitting front row at Fashion Week, Kim apparently wants to work on her piano skills after watching her father Robert Kardashian play when she was a child.

She's also keen to revive her violin-playing skills after giving up on lessons back in her school days, seeing as Kourtney apparently bought her one at Christmas.

So could we be seeing a performance from Kim on a upcoming episode of KUWTK? Well Kim's teacher has apparently invited her to play at a recital in May where his students show off their skills, and she's been working on a special song to show her family.

Surely it's one of Kanye's hits… Bound 2, perhaps?!

Sorry, Kim!