Kim Kardashian said WHAT when she was 13 years old?


To celebrate Kim’s 34th birthday this week, E Online decided it would be a good time to share Kim’s clairvoyant powers with the world. The footage released by the entertainment channel of 13-year-old Kim at her eight grade graduation party suggests that her love of the limelight started LONG before a starring role in a certain tape shot her to global fame. Kim has often insisted that these tapes thrust her into the limelight, but it looks like the the beautiful star craved attention and recognition from a young age.

Wrestling to get hold of the microphone, the teenage Kim, rocking a very sleek bob we might add, was definitely no shrinking wallflower. Proclaiming herself the ’dopest on the ropest’ (Ehhh, are we on our own here?), she assured anyone who’d listen that she’d be famous one day. Well, in fairness, the girl was spot-on, right? 

The future Mrs. Kanye West goes on to say that she's the most popular person in the class and everyone loves her. Good to see such a confident, upbeat teenage girl, right? Fine, moving on.

As usual, the occasion became an entire Kardashian-fest with sister Kourtney and mother, Kris taking over the dance floor to celebrate Kim’s big day. Kim’s very questionable dance moves were clear to be seen in the short video. We wonder if Dancing with the Stars would have been as quick to sign the stunning mum-of-one, if they’d seen the shapes Kim was capable of pulling back in the day.