Kim Kardashian opens up about Bruce’s tell-all interview


Bruce Jenner's hotly anticipated interview with Diane Sawyer airs later tonight, and it turns out we're not the only ones who'll be tuning in.

Bruce's stepdaughter Kim opened up to reporters about the family's plans for this evening, and said they'd be gathering with Bruce to watch the two-hour special.

"We're going to watch the special together as a family," the reality star told Us Weekly. She refused to divulge any more details, adding, "And that's pretty much all I'll say about that today. I'll let the special come out and speak for itself."

Former Olympian Bruce is expected to discuss his decision to transition to life as a woman, as well as offering details on how his family has coped and opening up about his plans for the future.

TMZ revealed that Bruce plans to watch the interview twice this evening, once with the Kardashian kids and once with the Jenner clan, including his kids Brody, Brandon, Burt and Casey. There are two feeds of the special, one for each timezone in the US, so Bruce will have time to watch both feeds live.

Us Irish folks may have to wait, as it will be 3am here by the time the interview airs.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians cameras will not be rolling while the documentary airs, according to TMZ, to give the families some much-needed privacy. 

The final promo for the interview was released earlier this week, with Bruce seeming optimistic about what the future holds for him. "I hope I'm gonna be okay. I feel like I'm going to be okay," he is seen saying to Diane. "2015 is going to be quite a ride. Quite a ride."

Wishing Bruce all the best.