Kim Kardashian is furious with Kendall Jenner!


They may smile politely for the cameras, but if reports are to be believed, there is serious beef between Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé.

With relations already strained to begin with, it has been claimed that Queen B’s no-show at Kim and husband Kanye’s wedding last year was the final straw for the reality star.

So we’re not surprised to hear that Kim is said to be furious with little sister Kendall Jenner over her budding new friendship with the Crazy In Love singer.

Yes, according to reports, Beyoncé reached out to Kendall at Taylor Swift’s recent 25th birthday bash in New York, with the pair said to have gotten on like a house on fire – much to Kim’s annoyance.

A source told Independent: “Ever since Beyoncé and Jay-Z didn’t turn up to Kim and Kanye’s wedding, Kim doesn’t want her family to have anything to do with Beyoncé. But Kendall is starting to realise that she could be the biggest star in her family and that she no longer has to do everything they tell her to.”

In information that is sure to have Kim absolutely fuming, the source added: “Taylor and Beyoncé were chatting at Taylor’s 25th birthday party and when Taylor brought up Kendall, Beyoncé mentioned that she thought Kendall was different from the other Kardashians.”

Apparently, numbers were exchanged, and the pair have been connecting ever since!

We can’t imagine that Kendall will easily escape the wrath of Kim on this one – but then again, we don’t think she’ll care too much, by the sounds of it!