Kim fears all hard work will come undone after photo scandal


Kim Kardashian was another victim of the recent celebrity nude photo scandal, but it seems she is more concerned with her image than the fact that someone could get a hold of her personal, intimate photos – priorities gone a miss, Kim?

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star is said to worried that the leak will undone all the hard work she has done since her, ahem, sex tape…

According to sources: "Kim has worked hard to be taken seriously, and she finally feels people are judging her for who she is rather than the… image she started with. But now she fears all her efforts could come undone."

Understandably, Kanye on the other hand is apparently going absolutely berserk that the photos were leaked in the first place with the source saying: “"He was outraged that his wife's privacy was abused, and said that no one should be allowed to see Kim that intimately. Kim's trying to diffuse the drama but Kanye is very protective of her and North. He thinks it's disgraceful that people have done this to her."

While we don’t usually like to agree with Kanye, he does have a point on this one.