Kieron Richardson talks HEARTBREAK after IVF attempts


After 14 months of failed attempts, Hollyoaks star Kieron Richardson is refusing to give up on his dream of becoming a dad.

Kieron and husband Carl Hyland have been trying to start a family for over a year but like many who have tried IVF, none of their attempts have been successful.

"We were hoping to have a baby this year," the actor told The Mirror.

"Unfortunately, like anyone who is trying for a baby through IVF – whether they are gay couples of not – it is a lottery."

The pair have tried on four occasions to become fathers with the same surrogate mother but have so far remained unsuccessful.

"The statistics when we first started it were a 70pc success rate. 

"We have tried it four times, with the same surrogate mum and we have fallen into that 30pc bracket of it not working."

But it seems Kieron and Carl are determined to start a family and are not letting past attempts deter them.

"We have not given up the fight and are still continuing. We are going to keep trying until it is successful."

The pair married last year and started their parenting journey shortly after.