Khloé K’s fave beauty product is NOT what we expected

Khloé Kardashian shocked fans this week when she revealed her top beauty secret.

Nope, it's not some kind of terrifying acid peel or bizarre facial – it's a pregnancy cream.

Khloé admitted she's been a huge fan of the Mama Mio range since her sister Kourtney, a mum of three, introduced her to it. The youngest Kardashian sister swears by Mama Mio's cult product, the Pregnancy Boob Tube, a tightening and firming cream for the breast area.

Speaking about the cream, Khloé said she didn't just use it on her boobs. "It's got avocado oil and shea butter so when your boobs are growing you don't get stretch marks. I like it though, because it tightens your neck, too. I've been using it every day for a year.''

Having a pregnancy cream sitting on your bathroom shelf is a surefire way to ensure your pals think you might be expecting, but Khloé says she's well able to deal with rumours like that.

"Now people always ask me, 'Why do you have this?' Hinting as if I'm trying to have a baby, and I'm like, 'No, no. It's just because I f**king like it.'"

Classy as always, Khloé!

If you're interested in checking out the Mama Mio range here in Ireland – whether you're an expectant mum or not – it's available now in selected spas, salons and stores nationwide.