Kayne threatens to call off wedding after Kim reunites with former flame


Kayne West is said to be so insanely jealous that fiancé Kim Kardashian had a fling with bad boy rapper Chris Brown that he’s threatened to call off their wedding.

Even though the tryst happened before Kayne and Kim even got together, the rapper is so fuming that he’s warned there will be no Parisian wedding if Kim ever talks to Rihanna’s ex again.

Kim and Kayne were planning on making May 24th their special day in Paris, less than two weeks before Kayne’s 37th birthday.

But Kayne apparently flipped his lid when he found out that Chris and Kim met up again recently – albeit on a strictly professional basis – and the reunion has caused fireworks in the Kimye household.

This is a very far cry from the picture perfect image of the couple that graced Vogue’s April cover. Let’s hope they can sort it all out, we’re dying to see the wedding pictures.