Katy Perry’s #LeftShark now comes in onesie form and it’s perfection


Who can forget the glorious mess that was the left dancing shark during Katy Perry's Superbowl halftime show?

The poor fella just couldn't keep up – but he's since become a global hero for his godawful sense of rhythm and can-do attitude:

Now Katy Perry is paying tribute to/cashing in on Left Shark's newfound internet fame by releasing an official Left Shark Onesie.

The singer revealed on her personal Twitter account that the onesies are currently available from her online store:

The only downside? The price. Each onesie will set you back a staggering $130 (€117).

If you're not willing to shell out quite that much, you can get the Current Mood: Left Shark t-shirt for just $25 (€22.50).

Left Shark, we salute you.