Kate Middleton’s top 5 best moments

Today, the 9th January 2015 marks The Duchess of Cambridge's 33rd birthday! Yes, Kate Middleton is celebrating her birthday and we have taken a look at her best moments to date. 

The Duchess certainly isn't your average royal – and these moments just prove it! 

Here are our top 5 favourite moments from Kate Middleton over the years:

5. When she wiped Prince George's drool on her dress
Believe it or not, this actually made headlines at the time…People everywhere were delighted to see that the mum was more interested in her son's teething issues than worrying about her designer dress. Go Kate!

4. When she met Beyoncé and the world didn't know how to react
It's not easy to upstage Queen B…unless you're The Duchess of Cambridge that is! Two of the world's most loved women in the same room? If Oprah had walked in the place would have imploded. 

3. When she emerged from St. Mary's Hospital as a brand new mum looking incredible in that now-famous blue polka-dot dress
So. Cute!

2. When she walked up the aisle to her Prince Charming in THAT dress
That veil, that train…basically every bride since has wanted some aspect of that look on their big day. And who can blame them – look at her! 

1. THAT side-eye…
Nobody puts the Duchess in the corner!