Kate Ferdinand opens up about pregnancy for the first time

Rio and Kate Ferdinand revealed they were expecting their first child together earlier this month and the mum-to-be has now opened up about their joyous news.

Kate has been a step-mum to Rio’s three children since the couple tied the knot last September.

The mum-to-be and her husband told the three children the special news at their home and their reaction was too adorable. There’s no doubt they cannot wait to welcome another child into their family.


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Speaking of spending time with family during lockdown, Kate revealed that they’ve been going for a lot of walks together. She told MailOnline that exercise has been helping her a lot during her pregnancy, “We go for walks with the family, stuff like that, it doesn’t always have to be crazy exercise just as long as you’re moving more than you’re sitting, you still feel good.”

“I think being pregnant it does change, you are a bit more tired at times but I try to stay active as it’s good for my mind,” she commented.


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Kate said she is preparing to alter her fitness regime throughout her pregnancy, stressing how important it is to listen to your body. “I think you have to be really careful, take advice from professionals. I definitely don’t think it can stay the same, it has definitely changed. I’m working out at a lot slower pace and taking it easy, listening to my body really.”

Kate and Rio recently celebrated Father’s Day with 13-year-old Lorenz, 11-year-old Tate and nine-year-old Tia last weekend. The expectant-mum gushed about her other half, “You are the best daddy to Lorenz, Tate & Tia ….(& Ronnie ). Can’t wait for our next chapter.”