Karl Lagerfeld is being sued for copying a famous runner logo

American runner company, New Balance are filing a lawsuit against Karl Lagerfeld, claiming that the designer ripped off their trademark runners for his new haute couture shoes.

According to the lawsuit,New Balance claims that the only difference between their iconic shoes and Karl’s, is the capital “K” on Lagerfeld’s shoes.

The company said that they’ve had the same designs since the ‘70s and even some fashion blogs have commented on the similarities.

“Although we cannot comment on the specifics of the case, we believe it is vital to actively and vigorously defend our brand.”

Even though the Karl’s famous shoes are only available to buy with a full expensive haute couture, celebs such as Kristen Stewart have already been spotted wearing the controversial shoes in Cannes.

What do you think? Did Karl really rip off New Balance’s trademark designs for his new shoes?