Kardashian family turn against Kim for speaking out about Bruce


With news of Bruce Jenner's decision to transition to life as a woman all but confirmed, we reckon there'll be some seriously dramatic episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to look forward to.

Bruce is currently filming his own reality show for E! which will reportedly be a personal and candid look at his sex change journey. And although his step-daughter Kim spoke out last week in full support of him, the rest of the clan aren't happy with her behaviour.

Kim appeared on Entertainment Tonight last week, and while she didn't discuss Bruce's plans directly, she did say that he is "the happiest [she's] ever seen him" and that the family "support Bruce 100 percent."

Her sisters, and mum Kris Jenner, are furious with the fact that Kim spoke about Bruce's personal issues without consulting anyone, according to RadarOnline. "Kim has not even tried to apologise because she says she was helping him and the ratings of the TV show," a source said.

"She says that she was trying to help the family, but everyone knows that she is only out for herself."

Ouch. And this isn't the first time Kim's acted without thinking of the consequences, said the insider. "She has pulled this kind of stunt before and has lost friends and lovers. But she honestly does not care. She just moves on.”

It's going to be a big year for the Kardashians – we reckon this drama is only the start!