Leaked audio of Kanye accidentally appears online!


Something tells us Kanye West is less than pleased this afternoon after it emerged that his latest track, Awesome, has been leaked online.

The leak comes only days after it was reported that the rapper’s laptop was stolen at Paris Fashion Week. One of Kanye’s contributor’s, Malik Yusef seemed to confirm this when he tweeted: “We have the PRIVATE INVESTIGATION FIRMS ON TOP OF @kanyewest STOLEN LAPTOP!!!!”

Kanye himself has not yet commented on the surfacing of Awesome online, but given that it is so personal we doubt he is very happy.

The song is said to be about his wife of almost a year, Kim. It was teased at the 2013 Met Gala but nothing had yet been released almost two years later.

Lyrics about Kim include: “You’re so awesome/You don’t need to listen to your manager/I hope you’re ready for tonight/I’m gon cook, you’ll be dessert.”

We wonder how Kim's momager Kris makes of those lyrics! 

The song appears to have been taken down from a lot of sources possibly due to copyright infringement.