Kanye’s latest tweets about Kim have made Twitter VERY confused


Kanye generally seems like a stand-up dad and husband but his latest tweets have left us (and the rest of the world) a tad baffled.

The tenth season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired last night and viewers were treated to some shots of Kim posing for a nude photoshoot. Classy as ever.

Kanye is clearly chuffed with his wife's confidence and hot bod, and so he took to Twitter to post a number of nearly-nude shots from the show with the caption "SWISH!" and some bizarre congratulatory messages:

Twitter soon jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting their own "swish"-worthy pictures:

Kim was delighted with Kanye's odd gesture, taking to her own Twitter account to sing his praises, writing, "Ummmm how cute is my husband?!?!?!?! Ugh I love him so much!!!"

Those two never fail to confuse/entertain us…