Kanye West mobbed by fans as he jumps in lake during gig


The Kardashian sisters have been touring Armenia over the last number of days, and Kim's husband Kanye West finished off the trip last night with a free surprise gig on the banks of Yerevan's Swan Lake.

Not content with standing on stage, Kanye made the executive decision to jump into the lake midway through the concert to get closer to fans on the other side – a decision which didn't go down too well with police.

"It's a problem. Can y'all see me over there? We're going to do something different, like, like, like we always do," Kanye called out to fans before running and jumping into the lake during his performance of Good Life.

But although it certainly made for a great spectacle, Kanye most likely regretted his decision when he was followed into the lake by a swarm of fans and photographers who began wading their way towards him.


Armenian police soon came to Kanye's rescue and the concert was then shut down. 

Speaking about the gig on Twitter, Kim said it was a "crazy night," writing, "Kanye wakes me up & says he's doing a free concert in Yerevan, Armenia! I throw on sweats & we go! Thousands of people were there! Kanye jumped in swan lake to be closer to the crowd on the other side & so many people jumped in too!"

Much as we love Kanye, you wouldn't see us jumping in the River Liffey after him…