Kaley Cuoco’s ex-husband has some extreme demands already

With an estimated worth of €37million, it's no surprise Kaley Cuoco was keen to get a pre-nuptial agreement before her ill-fated marriage to Ryan Sweeting.

But splitting up a marriage is never going to be as easy as following the rules of a contract… or so Ryan believes.

The former tennis pro, who has assets worth around €2million himself, is said to be seeking 'spousal support' from Kaley, after the couple confirmed their split last month.

Ryan filed the claim last week, three weeks after Kaley filed for divorce.

Generally with a pre-nup, a divorce can go through quite quickly, but with Ryan's new request for financial support, the process could take a lot longer.

It's thought the couple's shock split was related to Ryan's addiction issues, in particular his dependence on prescription painkillers – something which only became an issue when he injured his back shortly after their December 2013 wedding.

"She supported him, but she said he couldn't make the commitment to get sober," a source told Us Weekly last month,

"He'd tell her he was working on it, and instead go get wasted."

Meanwhile, Kaley has been busy fending off claims that her increased closeness to actor Johnny Galecki was the reason for her split.

The pair, who star together on The Big Bang Theory, dated back in 2008 and still remain good friends.

"So sorry to disappoint, but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here," Kaley wrote next to a picture of herself and Johnny on Instagram last week.

Sounds like a there will be a difficult few months ahead for the actress.