Jonathan Rhys Meyers is speaking out after THOSE photos


A few weeks after being spotted drinking straight from a bottle of vodka in the street, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has publicly apologised for what he described as an ''embarrassing relapse''.

The Cork-native was pictured carrying a plastic bag and looking a bit worse for wear while drinking in the middle of the day. Jonathan took to model fiancee Mara's instagram to explain his actions in the hope that "people don't think too badly" of him. 

He is currently linked to Damascus Cover, a thriller which was attracting buyers at the Cannes Film Festival, but he insists that ''it is no reflection on Damascus Cover as I was not meant to attend Cannes this year and I apologise to fans and colleagues''

Mr Rhys Meyers has previously completed several stints in rehab but insists this was just a ''blip in his recovery''. 

He was confirmed to be engaged her film producer girlfriend last December of last year, after dating for nine months.