Jessie J shocks Graham Norton audience with bizarre party trick

Grammy-award nominated singer Jessie J wowed fellow guests on The Graham Norton Show and stunned viewers by treating us all to a rather unusual party trick this weekend.

Encouraged by mischievous host, Graham, the feisty singer revealed that her trick was singing with her mouth closed and it's certainly…something!

The Bang Bang singer didn't need much encouragement to show off her rather unique trick either.

Explaining that she had discovered it as a child, the 26-year-old singer, who came across as both charming and effortlessly funny, pursed her lips together, blew out her cheeks and treated us to a rather questionable performance of Bang Bang.

As party tricks go, we weren't sure how impressed we were, but then we gave it a go…

Hats off to Jessie, it's no mean feat!