Jamie Laing reckons Vicky will CHEAT on Spencer Matthews first


Spencer Matthews has been know for his unfaithful reputation, but one of his cast members reckons Vicky is going to break Spencer's heart.

The reality duo only starting dating a couple of weeks ago, but the bets are already on for who will cheat on who first. Not the best way to start a relationship, huh?

While speaking to Closer magazine, Spencer's right-hand man Jamie Laing said: "I think maybe she'd be the one to cheat on Spencer!

"It's hilarious because I don't think anyone cheats on him – he always gets there first."

Even so, Jamie still has high hopes that Vicky and Spencer work out:

"I think she'd be good for him. She's an amazing chick and would be good for anyone! I've met her a few times. She is beautiful and super fun and I am excited to see what happens."

We're excited too, Jamie. Now, hand us the popcorn because we can see drama in our midst.