James Franco admits to trying to ask out 17-year-old girl


James Franco has admitted to trying to pick up a 17-year-old girl on Instagram.

This is a different response to the one he tweeted yesterday, where the actor stated that he wanted nothing to do with teens and told parents to keep them away from him.

But it seems what occurred between schoolgirl, Lucy Clode and the 35-year-old actor is true.

James said in an interview this morning that the texts he sent to Lucy were “embarrassing” and the he had used “bad judgement”.

James met Lucy when she was waiting outside Franco’s Broadway show, Of Mice and Men.

She then posted images and a video(which has since been removed) of James on Instagram.

After she tagged Franco in the video, the actor began messaging her. He asked Lucy her age, if she was single, where she was staying and should he rent out a hotel room for them both.

The screen shots of James’ and Lucy’s conversations have now gone viral, with Franco claiming he’s become a victim of social media bullying as a result.