J-Law, Josh and Liam: 9 times the trio gave us TOTAL friendship goals


The final instalment of the Hunger Games franchise hits cinemas this week, which we're sad about for many, many reasons.

Yes, that means we'll finally say goodbye to Katniss, Gale and Peeta, but more upsettingly we'll also have to bid farewell to the ultimate friendship trio that is Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

The three stars have been making red carpet appearances (and giving GIF-worthy interviews) together since 2012, but after this week they'll go their separate ways.

Chatting on Jimmy Kimmel this week, Liam shared a snap of the time he was forced to carry J-Law's Valentino purse on the Wall of China because she wasn't bothered anymore "which is… very Jen." Just look at him there:

Liam's throwback snap got us thinking about other times the trio were just the most perfect pals….

1. That time Jen struggled to choose between the two lads


2. And when Liam didn't even give out about J-Law's awful 'impression' of him


3. When Josh got some serious face-strokage during an interview


4. The time J-Law spilled a load of mints and Liam's face said it all


5. Any red carpet group hug


6. Although, let's face it, Liam was a bit of a third wheel sometimes…


7. Because we all know Jen and Josh have a bit of a *thing* for one another


8. In fact, Jen even revealed it was Josh who inspired her to keep going to auditions
Yup, Jen says as a kid she was getting nowhere with acting and her mum suggested leaving New York to move back to Kentucky.

"But I was really determined to not give up on acting, and I saw you [Josh] in a newspaper as a boy from Kentucky who was making it in Hollywood. And I took it to my mom, and I was like, Look, he can do this. I can do this, too."


9. But at the end of the day, this friendship is all about the (platonic) threesome