It’s time to upcycle your empty Pringles can


After enjoying your yummy Pringles have you ever looked at the can and wondered what you could do with it – besides throw it in the bin that is?

Well, here are some suggestions:

Store pasta and spaghetti

No spaghetti jar? No problem – just store it in an empty Pringles can. Make sure you clean it out first though.

Desk tidy

Tidy up your study or office desk by putting your pens, pencils and sticky notes into an empty can. You can even decorate it by sticking on scraps of paper if you are feeling creative.

Coin box

If you are forever picking up loose change off your floor, why not start popping it into the empty crisp box and watch the pennies start to pile up.

Make-up brush holder

Cut a large Pringle box in half and use it to store your make-up brushes. You will never lose your bronzer brush again!

Now get munching and empty that Pringle box – any excuse!