It’s time for a much needed vitamin C boost

Vitamin C is essential for maintaining good health including development of scar tissue. In fact, not getting enough of the vitamin can lead to anaemia, joint pain and infection. Female adults need about 75mg a day, although this depends on your age.

While there are plenty of supplements you can take with the vitamin, it is possible to get enough solely from consuming food.

However, when it comes to food, do you know which are the best sources?

Here are 20 foods you need to put into your diet to ensure you are getting enough vitamin C:

  1. Peppers
  2. Blueberries
  3. Figs
  4. Apple Watermelon
  5. Banana
  6. Guavas
  7. Cranberries
  8. Blackberries
  9. Mangos
  10. Kiwis
  11. Spinach
  12. Oranges – obviously!
  13. Tomatoes – we were surprised at this as well.
  14. Peas
  15. Broccoli
  16. Lemons
  17. Raspberries
  18. Pineapple
  19. Lime 
  20. Baked potatoes