It’s not just Kylie! Kendall’s fans backlash on social media


While her sister Kylie has been causing controversy over alleged ‘blackface’ photographs, Kendall’s been stirring things up too. 

Not only has the star’s Easter Sunday outfit come under scrutiny, but a near-naked photo on Instagram has also caused significant backlash from young fans. 

Kendall’s outfit for Easter Sunday mass with her family has been branded by many as ‘inappropriate’ due to her crop top showing off a significant portion of her stomach.

Fans have been calling Kendall out on the crop top:

Hmm, we’re not so sure what Kendall chooses to wear to mass should matter too much. After all, we’ve seen a LOT worse. 

Meanwhile, her Easter photo for fans has also been causing some issues online, with the model posing, erm, pantless and writing: “Woke up like … Hoppy Easter!”

It’s certainly an unusual way to wish people Happy Easter – we’ll give her that!