‘It’s not fair’: Michelle Keegan shuts down pregnancy rumours

Michelle Keegan has slammed reports that she is pregnant with her first child. The former Coronation Street star spoke to Cosmopolitan about the pressure rumours can have on a person.

She explained that she is constantly asked when she is going to have children, but stressed that it is her personal private business, “A few years ago it didn’t bother me and I answered the question, but now I think, ‘I don’t need to answer that because nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.”

“I remember when I finished Our Girl, people were like, ‘Is it because you’re going off to have a baby?' I know for a fact if Mark finished a job, nobody would ask him if he was going to have a baby. It’s not fair. It does make me feel frustrated,” she commented.


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The Our Girl star and her husband Mark Wright are no strangers to speculation. The couple are constantly at the centre of break-up reports and pregnancy rumours.

The couple have previously lived apart for career reasons, which led people to believe there was trouble in paradise. However, Michelle stressed that she is trying to ignore the rumours, but they can knock you down.

“I just don’t understand that and find it hard. You’re trying to carve yourself a career and people say you shouldn’t be doing it because it impacts your marriage. It’s ridiculous.”

“That can be quite difficult because it’s hard enough being away from home as it is without negative stories,” she explained.