It’s finally here! Midnight Sun is a must-read for Twilight fans

Well, it’s about time! Twilight fans, Midnight Sun is officially here! That’s right — the franchise which captivated a generation of young readers back in 2005 has finally returned to a bookshop near you, with the latest instalment, Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyers.

Fans can at last rejoice that the wait is over — Meyers has given us even more of this angsty, vampire romance, after a couple of chapters of Midnight Sun were leaked onto the Internet back in 2008. However, now the time has come to read the rest of this beguiling story once and for all.

This book will bring you right back to your tween years, as it explores the first instalment in the Twilight saga, through the perspective of moody and mysterious vampire, Edward Cullen. Twihards can look forward to reading about the iconic love story between Edward and Bella, this time through Edward’s eyes. This brings a decidedly darker twist to the tale.

Meeting Bella is both the most intriguing and unnerving event which Edward has ever experienced and the most defining struggle of his life. The tables have turned though, and not only are we thrown into the mind of a vampire, but we’re also getting a glimpse at what being a mind-reader is like. Something Meyers said in a New York Times interview, which she thinks fans might find surprising.


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“I think you get a sense of how overwhelming it would be to constantly have people’s voices in your head,” Meyers remarks. The writer also talked about how difficult this book has been to write, compared to her previous books in the Twilight series. “The real reason the book took so long to write is because this was just a huge, pain-in-the-butt book to write… every single word was a struggle,” she explained.

Even though I’m sure we would all love for the Twilight series to go on forever (right?) Meyers went on to say that she won’t be continuing the series in Edward’s perspective. “This is it for Edward. Writing from his point of view makes me extra anxious. And the experience of writing this book was not a super pleasant one. So no, I wouldn’t want to do that — especially given that “New Moon” would just be a nightmare of depression and emptiness,” Meyers lamented. 

Oh well — if this is finally it for the Twilight saga, then we’ll just have to make sure to savour every word!

Midnight Sun is published by ATOM, and you can pick up a copy here.