It’s a Christmas miracle! Liam and Noel Gallagher settle their feud

Few family feuds have captured the public's attention quite like that of the Gallagher brothers.

Between all the sly digs and angry twitter spats, it's safe to say that Liam and Noel's relationship has seen better days.

However, it looks like the Christmas spirit may have got the better of the feuding siblings, with Laim revealing that the pair are on good terms once again.

The former Oasis frontman took to twitter to wish his brother a merry Christmas, saying how his was “looking forward” to seeing him tomorrow.

“I wanna say Happy Xmas to team NG it’s been a great year thanks for everything looking forward to seeing you tmorrow AS YOU WERE LG x,” he wrote.

Skeptical fans questioned whether or not the pair had actually reached a truce, with one user asking: “Your not going to have a meltdown on here come Christmas day are you Liam when NG doesnt reach out to you.”

To which Liam replied: “He's already reached out.”

So, could a possible reunion be on the cards?

We certainly hope so!