Is this the most effective hair vitamin on the market?

JSHealth Vitamins Hair + Energy Formula Goes to Great Lengths – finally, a supplement designed for energy, plus hair growth and strength that actually delivers the results it promises.

Low energy and fatigue, along with hair loss and thinning, are very common complaints amongst men and women today, so nutritionist Jessica Sepel embarked on a journey to create the world’s most effective vitamin formula that would target both. The result is the best-selling Hair + Energy formula that has gained a global cult following due to its extraordinary transformational results.

Founder, Jessica Sepel

What Makes It Different

No more fad ingredients! The Hair + Energy is formulated with two scientifically proven, carefully sourced essential minerals, iodine (from high purity kelp) and zinc, that may assist with energy production, and hair growth and strength.

The signature kelp found in this formula is a powerful, research-backed combination of two high purity kelp materials that is exclusive to JSHealth. It contains fucoidan, found in the cell wall of seaweed, which is rich in the mineral, iodine. Nutritionally, kelp supports healthy thyroid function, which plays an important role in energy levels, as well as hair follicle functions. It extends the hair growth phase, as well as stimulating the hair growth cycle and promoting a healthy scalp.

Before (left) and after using Hair & Energy (right) 

The Science Behind It

Research shows that fucoidan can stimulate the effects of ‘hepatocyte growth factor’, a protein that is connected to the hair cycle, and be effective in promoting hair growth and reducing inflammation. Supplementing with a seaweed extract such as JSHealth Kelp has been shown to prevent hair loss and promote scalp health. Evidence also suggests that a mix of kelp extracts was equally effective in promoting hair growth as the medication used to treat male hairloss, Minoxidil.

Studies further show that kelp, which is rich in Iodine, supports health thyroid function. T3 and T4 thyroid hormones regulate many important hair follicle functions, ranging from an increase in cells, stimulation of the hair matrix and keratin expression. T4 also prolongs the duration of the hair growth phase.

Proven by Thousands

With over 7,000 5-star reviews from verified customers and thousands of photographic testimonials capturing incredible hair transformations, the formula truly embodies the JSHealth Vitamins call out that their range is ‘backed by science, proven by you.’

“I set out to create a truly life-changing hair and energy support formula, after discovering a special kind of kelp with incredible results. I am so proud to say that it really works and has helped so many people regain their energy, hair health and confidence. There is nothing else like it on the market.” – Jessica Sepel, founder & nutritionist.

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