Is Miley Cyrus getting back with her most famous ex?

Now that Miley Cyrus' split from Patrick Schwarzenegger is all but confirmed, it seems the singer is already moving on.

Far from finding someone new though, Miley has been "hanging out" with her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth in Los Angeles, a source tells Us Weekly. "[O]nly a few people know," the insider revealed. "Dating could definitely happen."

Miley and Liam got engaged back in 2012 but broke up the following year. Speaking about the split a few months later, Miley said she simply wasn't ready for the commitment.

"I don’t ever want to have to need someone again, where you feel like, without them, you can’t be yourself," she explained to journalist Barbara Walters. “I don’t think I realised what 19 truly is, and I got engaged at 19."

Hunger Games star Liam has generally spoken positively about Miley, even saying the two will "always be best friends," so  a reunion is not totally surprising. But could it be the real deal?

"Liam has rough stories about that relationship," says Us Weekly's insider. "But he always talks about how fun she was to hang out with and their great chemistry."

Miley and Arnold Schwarzenegger's son Patrick began dating around six months ago, but the relationship fell apart last month after Patrick was pictured getting a bit too cosy with another woman.

Pictures were published of Patrick dancing with a mystery girl and doing body shots off her stomach while on spring break in Mexico, which Miley was understandably unhappy about.

"At first, she [Miley] was into him because she thought he was a nice guy," a source said at the time. "But the Mexico scandal completely changed how she felt."

So could love be in the air again for Miley and Liam? Watch this space…