Is LeAnn Rimes expecting her first baby with Eddie Cibrian?


It sounds as if LeAnn Rimes may be pregnant with her first child.

The singer made a joke on her Twitter account alluding to the fact she may be expecting, and while it may be just that – a joke – we’re not so sure…

LeAnn uploaded a selfie to her Twitter account to which a fan told her that her breasts were looking bigger than normal. Rather than ignore the crude comment, LeAnn actually replied, writing: “I’m producing milk lol.”

Hmm, was she just trying to get the rumour mill going or could she actually be expecting?

This would be the first child for LeAnn and the third for her husband Eddie Cibrian who has two sons with his ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

We’re already nervous about what Brandi is going to have to say about this…