No way! Would you recognise Shameless Frank Gallagher today?


We knew David Threlfall, who played Frank Gallagher in Shameless, as a chain-smoking, beer-guzzling layabout, but three years after hanging up his infamous parka the actor has undergone a major overhaul.

In fact, we don't think we'd recognise him if he passed us on the street.

Most recently taking up a role in ITV two-parter, Code of a Killer, David looked a far cry from the dishevelled dad-of-six who used drag himself around Chatsworth council estate and fall in and out the local.

The 62-year-old veteran actor played DCI David Baker in the mystery crime drama set in Leicester, and to be fair he looks pretty slick…and almost unrecognisable.

We have to give it to ya here Frank, ya scrub up well.