Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy opens up about her new novel

Irish YouTuber Melanie Murphy is a new mum and a best-selling author, thanks to the success of her first fiction novel, If Only which was released in 2019.

Now fans of Melanie’s will be pleased to hear that she has another fabulous book on the way, called Glass Houses.

Taking to her Instagram account yesterday, Melanie announced the exciting news, writing, “My next novel is called GLASS HOUSES and it’ll be on shelves/available digitally and as an audiobook next year!”

What will it be about though? Jenna Walker has suddenly found herself with no job, no boyfriend, nowhere to live — and she's been wondering for a while now if, apart from her beloved cat Bertie, she has anything to live *for*. She really doesn't want to turn up on her sister's doorstep but that feels like her only option…

Already stretched between her job and the demands of looking after their mother, Rosie is not happy about having yet another person to take care of. If only one thing in her life would work out the way she wants it to…

When their grieving neighbour, a retired doctor, has the idea to start a mysterious community garden project, the sisters soon find themselves persuaded to get involved. And as they spend time working side by side, watching what they plant together grow and flourish, strange and wonderful things start to happen, things that will change their lives forever.

Glass Houses is said to be a magical, uplifting novel about family, reconnection and learning not to take anything for granted.

It seems fans of Melanie’s writing are already buzzing for her second novel, and have been letting her know in the comment section underneath her announcement post.

“Can’t wait to pre-order. If Only was the first book I read during our first lockdown and it reignited my love of reading!” one fan wrote.

“…next year??? I am so excited for this book from just reading the blurb, I cannot wait at least another 11 months for it!!” another follower commented.

“Yessss!! I was so excited to hear about this!” a third gushed, adding, “See you for the next signing hopefully!”.

Glass Houses is being published by Hachette Ireland and is due to be released on May 5, 2022.