Introducing the new way to lose weight – the Ice Diet

There are so many different diets that claim to help you lose weight and give you the perfect body.

From the 5:2 diet to the Atkins diet to Victoria Beckham’s five hands diet, no doubt a lot women have tried at least one.

However, Dr. Brian Weiner suggests that the easiest diet to help you lose weight is the Ice Diet.

While his idea may sound a little crazy, the doctor doesn’t suggest you simply eat ice all day, but rather enjoy a litre of shaved or crushed ice daily.

Apparently this will help “burn about 160 calories” every day.

According to Weiner: “The Ice Diet works by increasing the basal metabolic rate. When ingesting clinically significant amounts of ice, the body must burn energy to warm the ice to body temperature. The ingestion of ice would also provide some level of satiety.”

Not sure if we’ll be giving this a try, but each to their own!