Intermission: All the life lessons we need


Intermission, starring Colin Farrell and Cillian Murphy, was released over ten years ago now, but still remains a firm Irish favourite.

The film which spawned a whole host of weird and wonderful sayings has always flown slightly under the radar, but those that have seen it recognise it for the wonder that it truly is.

Edgy, vulgar, uproariously funny, and most of all, quintessentially Irish; this is one of those time and again flicks. And most importantly? It taught us so, so much.

The Lessons

If John hadn’t shared his culinary wisdom with Lehiff and had him sample a little sauce-flavoured tea, we’d still be saying ‘That’s delicious’ instead of ‘Dat’s delish, man.’

Doesn’t bear thinking about.

If Lehiff hadn’t opened up about his love of the wok, we’d still only be using our mam’s frying pans.

How embarrassing.

If Sally hadn’t been dumped by her boyfriend and neglected her appearance, we might never have learned the word ‘ronnie’.

How dumb would we look?

If John and Oscar hadn’t tried to cheat the system and clock back into work early, we would never have known what TCB meant.

We’re forever in your debt, Mr. Henderson.

If John hadn’t dumped Deirdre in a bid to find out her real feelings, we’d still be in the dark about the origin of the word ‘blagard’.

Then where would we be?

If Lehiff hadn't scorned Detective Jerry Lynch's taste in music, we'd have never learned whether we had the requisite Celtic soul or not.

Could you have slept? We couldn't.

If Noeleen hadn't asked for gift vouchers in a department store, we might never have known that this alone is a mortal sin.

We were so clueless.

Thank you, Intermission. You have truly nourished us.