In the mood for a change? These are the hairstyles you’ll be seeing everywhere this autumn


I LOVE looking for new ways to style my hair. My outfits and looks have always been a way of expressing myself, which is it’s so exciting that things are reopening and we can finally get back out there and show off our style to our heart’s content!

woman with brown hair wearing black and white flower hair pin

And with the new season comes new trends in everything from makeup to clothing to hair – and we want to try them all! The seventies are still making a major splash so we’re seeing lots of vintage-inspired looks still so I'm rounding up the top hairstyles that I've seen trending the last while that will definitely be the statement and staple looks of autumn 2021!

Curtain bangs


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I actually just got this cut myself and I LOVE it. Very seventies, soft, chic and wearable, it frames the face and lightens the hair, allow for a delicate, feminine vintage look. Looks great up or down, and though does require some styling, it's a versatile look that can really change your face shape.

Big bows

In a very Blair Waldorf moment, big bows are back and we are living for the adorable vintage moment. It shouldn’t be totally surprising, given that a lot of Blair’s wardrobe and style are coming back in, from the boucle skirt suits to the fussy yet glam cardigan. A fussy, bold bow pairs perfectly with the almost Elle Woods-esque style that is very in. It’s all feminine, all sassy and all elevated and high class.

Slicked back hair


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For a more edgy, sexy look, the slicked back look is honestly a must. It’s important to factor in your face shape when considering doing this look – square faces for example, are all angles and dramatic planes anyway, so a more severe slicked back look won’t suit them at all. Round faces also lack the definition to pull off a slick look – something in between like diamond shapes, heart and oval work well with these kinds of looks. Whether you try a slicked back bun, high ponytail or just gelled back from your face, it’s a very sexy evening look that elevates every style.



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Want to get even edgier? The mullet is where it’s at! Rocked by the likes of Willow Smith and Miley Cyrus, it’s the new uniform of the stylish rock chick that wants to do something totally different. With the resurgence of lots of seventies and eighties trends this year, we’re not surprised to see a vintage hairstyle like this one make it back into the style charts.

Feathered layers


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Again, a seventies and eighties throwback, the feathered layers remind us of Farrah Fawcett style bouncy waves – statement, luscious and totally 80s. The more shaggy look that’s trending right now is more seventies, but the combo of the two – especially if you throw curtain bangs in there – is seriously stylish and on trend.