In 30 years we won’t be having sex to make babies, says science

Within three decades, we won't be making babies naturally, apparently.

That's the opinion of one Stanford University professor, who believes that making a baby will be carried out in a lab.

Hank Greely, the director of Stanford's Centre of Law and Biosciences claims that the reproductive process will start by parents choosing from a range of embryos with their DNA.

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Even though this already takes place for people who struggle to conceive, Hank thinks it will become cheaper and the safest option in the long run.

The process would involve taking a female's skin sample to make stem cells, which would then be used to create eggs.

The eggs are then fertilised by sperm cells, which produce the embryos.

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"I think one of the hardest things about this will be all the divorces that come about when she wants embryo number 15 and he wants embryo number 64,” Hank said at Aspen Ideas Festive, Tribune reported. 

“I think the decision making will be a real challenge for people. How do you weigh a slightly higher chance of diabetes with slightly lower risk of schizophrenia against better musical ability and a much lower risk of colon cancer? Good luck.”

Well, it'll certainly be interesting to see.