‘I got a rainbow’: Ellen DeGeneres on her father’s death in recent days

One of the reasons Ellen De Generes is one of America's most popular chatshow hosts is because she takes a no-holds-barred approach to her presenting style.

Viewers have both laughed and cried with the host who seeks to share as much of her life as possible with the people who watch her show, and this week was no different.

Having seen her community of Montecito devastated by a mudslide, Ellen had told viewers she was struggling with the aftermath, before later revealing she had been dealt a second blow this week.

With great poise, Ellen told viewers that her father, Elliott DeGeneres, had passed away in recent days.

Paying tribute to the man she believes gave her her sense of humour, Ellen gave the studio audience and viewers at home an insight into the life she shared with him before recalling the only family vacation she took as a child.

We'll let Ellen take it from here.