Hungover yesterday? Here’s what the country ordered up for the cure

Yesterday, the first day of the New Year, was a tough one for many.

Yes, there is the impending expanse of 2019 to consider, but also, the raging hangover that enveloped the country after a heavy night bidding farewell to 2018. 

Despite clean eating intentions for the new year that many probably strive to have, January 1st is a cheat day, as Deliveroo saw orders jump 159% across the country.


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This is a record high, seeing more orders placed in a single day than ever before.

So, what did the nation fancy? 

Well taking the top spot for the most orders country-wide was Five Guys, Dublin, who's Bacon Cheeseburger was the dish of the day for many a hungover soul. 


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In second place was the Burrito from Burritos & Blues, Cork, and in third place, the staple favourite Doner Kebab from Abrakebabra, Limerick.

Galway took the fourth spot, with the award winning Spice Bag from Xian Street Food, and in fifth was the Steak Burger from Build-a-Burger, Belfast. 

We could honestly go for all of those right now…