How to use old school hair rollers


Big Hollywood hair is in and flat hair is out… although it was never really in to begin with.

Loyal fans of the iron curler take note – Velcro rollers are the way forward.

However, before you cower away in fear, we promise you that they are really easy to work with; what’s more, they won’t damage your hair.

Follow our steps and you’ll be converted for life:

  1. Get the roller right first.
    Larger rollers will give you more volume and wave while smaller ones will give you a small tight curl.
  2. Set your hair with hairspray.
    This will help boost volume.
  3. Section your hair about two inches in thickness
    But no wider than the actual roller. Starting with a Mohawk section makes it particularly easy.
  4. Once in, blast the rollers with your hairdryer.
    Leave to cool for about 15 minutes before taking out.
  5. Hold your curls in place.
    Spritz on some hairspray.