How to reuse your jars


Many products that we buy each week are kept in glass jars, so rather than filling your recycling bin, why not use them?

We picked out five ways you can use jars to make your home pretty and decorative. Decorate your jar with paint, clear glue and glitter or anything else you ‘d like and use them for the following purposes:

1. Flower vase
Jars make great vases – even the small ones will look cute with some daisies and buttercups.

2. Candle holders
Put some pebbles, sand or even old buttons and fill your jar a quarter full with it. Place a tealight on top and light. Instant fancy candle. Never leave a candle unattended in your home.

3. Glasses
It makes us look like hipsters, but who cares, we love it. If you have lots of people coming over and know you don’t have enough glasses then use jars! Decorate them with some ribbon, pop a cute straw in and serve your favourite cocktail.

4. Make-up brush/pencil holder
Finally, a neat and organised vanity table/work desk.

5. Organising your kitchen
Spices, flour, sugar, coffee, tea; you can organise your shelves using jars and cut down on the boxes and bags that take up room and make your cupboards look cluttered. Clean jars, label them with their contents and embrace the aesthetic effect on your kitchen.