How to maintain a healthy and happy relationship


You’ve hit one of the big milestones of your relationship and are now living together. This is where things can sometimes go pear shaped so below are some ways you can create harmony in your home and in your relationship.

1. Give each other room
It’s hard to share your space with someone but sacrifices need to be made, so no, your tanning products do not need to take up one entire shelf.

2. Breathing space
Being around someone 24/7 is not healthy, so be sure to make time for your friends. After all, they’re the ones who will be there if things don’t work out. Maybe plan a girly night out and your partner can have a night in with their friends or vice versa.

3. Take turns doing chores and making dinner
Resentment will grow if these household necessities are not shared. End of.

4. Date night
It’s important to get out of the house and have fun together. It can be too easy to just stay in and watch a movie but it will benefit your relationship more to get out there; maybe the cinema or dinner, or both!

5. Little things
Buy them their favourite biscuits, cook their favourite dinner, leave funny notes, make surprise cups of tea or bring out the rubbish. Never mind the last one – that’s crazy talk.