How to lighten foundations that are too dark


Buying foundation that is too dark for your skin tone is a pretty common mistake that a lot of girls make. Unfortunately, by the time you realise that it is too dark, you can’t bring it back. This is pretty frustrating, especially if you forked out quite a lot of money to buy it.

However, before you head out to spend another small fortune buying the right shade, try these beauty tricks:

Moisturiser is great for making a too dark foundation a lot more workable. Simply, squirt a little foundation onto your hand and mix it with moisturiser until you get the right shade.  You are bound to have a moisturiser already, so it will save you having to go out spending more money.

Light powder
If your foundation is only slightly too dark, a light powder over it should tone the colour down a bit. Don’t layer too much on your face though as it will just look like you are caked in make-up.

Face Atelier
The Face Atelier Zero Minus is brilliant for correcting foundations that are too dark. It has a white base that helps to lighten your foundation and its thick consistency will give you a dewy look. While it may be a little pricey at €47.00, it is something that will help get you out of those tricky foundation situations.