How to help homeless people during the Covid-19 pandemic


We all need to do our best to help one another during these trying times, especially those who are in need of extra support. Producer, writer and all round talent, Maia Dunphy has created a campaign to help two extraordinary charities who are doing their best to help the homeless on our streets.

Maia has had previous connections with both Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) and Inner City Helping Homeless (ICHH) who work tirelessly year round, but are finding these times so difficult they don’t know how long they can keep going for. With no one on the streets to offer a few euro or hot drink, things are at their worst for the homeless.

Speaking of the fundraiser, Maia said: "What strange times these are and I know many people are feeling anxious and uneasy. Lots of us are worried about loved ones, but also about practicalities, work and paying the bills. But it's in times like these that we are reminded of what really matters, we prove that we are stronger together, and I believe that we will come out of this period with a new outlook on life. 

"I know we will all come through this awful period, and I hope we will look back on it and see that we got things right, and didn't overlook those who could so easily have been forgotten amidst the bedlam."

You can donate here.