How to have the most perfect weekend


Some weekends are ALL about the sleep, while other weekends are ALL about the session, but some can be well-balanced and just…well, perfect!

It’s all about dividing your time wisely and making the most of the things you choose to do. Why not make this weekend one of those stand-out classics?

Pamper yourself!
Whether that means an all-over-body beautification on Friday night or an hour nursing a hot chocolate with your latest read on Sunday afternoon, devote time to YOU, and only you.

Whether you choose to hit the gym for a forty minute cardio session, take to the streets for a jog or fall around the living room to Davina’s DVD, just get those endorphins flowing and that sweat pumping. Remember; if you still look cute at the end of your work-out, you didn’t work hard enough!

See a group of friends, meet that one mate you haven’t caught up with in a while or enjoy a romantic date night with your other half. Unwind, laugh and enjoy the company of the people who see you through the monotony of the working week with cute texts and funny snap chats!

Well, obviously! But what we really mean is eat WELL and no we’re not suggesting a carb- free weekend or anything! Far from it, actually. Eat at least one thing you truly LOVE at the weekend, whether that’s a massive salad or a pecan slice, treat yourself, you earned it!

Look to the future!
It could be as little as buying new tights and underwear for the week ahead (nothing better than the comfort of new socks on a miserable Monday morning!) or as big as enrolling in a language course; just do something the future you will thank you for.

At the end of a long week, the thought of trying to incorporate all of the above into two days seems like a serious challenge, but give it a shot.

By Sunday night, you’ll find you’ve packed so much more into your weekend than you thought possible and will feel all the more fabulous for it too! Just don’t boast about it too much in the office on Monday, don’t be THAT girl.